Delicious, Wholesome Food

Nature Nine Farms proudly uses sustainable farming practices in line with nature's wisdom of balance, biodiversity, and regenerative nature in order to raise healthy and happy animals while restoring and building the fertility of the land.  Customers of Nature Nine Farms can be confident in the quality of products produced from raising all of our animals on pasture without the inputs of foreign chemicals such as: fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, or artificial hormones.  All of our animals are rotated throughout the farm in order to promote their health and allow pastures to rest and revitalize. 

Transparency in Farming Practices

The American food system has moved to a large scale industrial system that does not allow for oversight from the individual consumer. Nature Nine Farms is dedicated to educating customers about our farming practices.  We mimic nature by moving the chickens in their mobile homes to new grass every morning.  The pigs are kept in large paddocks where they have access to both pasture and woodlands in order to promote their foraging instincts.  In the same way, the cows are moved every evening when the grasses are the sweetest.  In order to assure customers of our integrity, we have an open door policy that allows our customers to visit the farm and have a look around.  Nature Nine Farms encourages anyone who would like a tour to call in advance so that we can make sure to be around to welcome you and answer any questions. 

Nature Nine Farms and The Local Food Community

Nature Nine Farms advocates for everyone to increase participation in their local food community.  Being a part of the local food movement, we are dedicated to maintaining a responsible and forward thinking farm that continually gives back to the Mobile Bay area through our farming practices and participating in community events. 

Some ways that you can support your local food suppliers include: patronizing local farms who practice sustainable agriculture, attend farmers markets and demand local sustainable food, eat seasonally, and try new recipes or canning! And as always, continue to learn about sustainable practices through books or documentaries. 

Nature Nine Farms is just beginning.  We are excited to see where the future takes us and want to thank you for being a part of our journey!

Stewart Perkins, Founder and Head Agriculturalist


Stewart Perkins, founder and head agriculturalist of Nature Nine Farms, was born and raised in south Baldwin County, Alabama.  Stewart first dabbled in farming when he began a small honey and organic soap business out of his garage.  As his interest in food origins grew, Stewart started a small garden in his backyard.

Inspired by books like “Folks This Ain’t Normal” by Joel Salatin, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollen, Stewart began seriously researching the American food system.

In 2013, Stewart moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to pursue his dream of sustainable agriculture, and spent two years embedded with local businesses to learn the tools of the trade. 

In Charlottesville, Stewart began as a cheese maker at Caromount Farm, and then moved onto raising chickens, pigs, and cattle at Timbercreek Farm.

While in Virginia, Stewart’s passion for farming reached a tipping point, and in 2015 he moved back to Alabama to launch Nature Nine Farms, and turn his dream into reality.